Designers and Architects bring the fresh perspective, we finish it!


For over 20 years QPC has colored the world. Our AAMA specifications ensure you're taking care of the world while you make it a more beautiful place.  Durability, environmentally sound processes and your unique designs ensure a beautiful finish. Our unlimited range of colors, finishes, glosses and textures bring your project to life. 

Our manufacturing facilities allow for large scale projects down to the most unique applications for small electronics. The QPC team of color and production specialists will assist estimators and design professionals with years of experience in a timely and cost efficient manner to ensure the vision has The Finishing Touch.


Inspiring applications with powder coating.


We understand that you have high standards and need to work with a facility that knows your needs. Your project requires Superior Design Choices, Highly Functional Surfaces and the Ability to Meet AAMA specifications. We will follow your project from pre-production to delivery with employees who understand quality control is important to eliminate problems before they occur. 

Environmentally friendly QPC has an extensive range of colors and special finishes for creative design and flexibility.


Whats New.


Quality Powder Coating announces its new brand name, QPC. Our new brand identity reflects the attention to detail and finish that design and color professionals expect when they specify powder coating for their projects.

"Our mark represents the fusion of powder as it adheres to the materials it is applied to, essentially we are The Finishing Touch, period!" said Jim Hester, Director of Sales and Marketing for QPC.