When your design requires more than a stock color, our wood grain textures are ready to dazzle.


The look of wood, the durability of aluminum all in one easy to spec process. Our repeating patterns of texture will shock and amaze people when they realize it's not really wood. Our production process ensures patterns are invisible to the casual observer.

As the architectural industry searches for alternative materials to meet the growing demand for LEED and GREEN builds, QPC is proud to say that we are one of the first companies to bring this cutting edge design technology to the U.S.

When the out of the ordinary is required, our line of Special Order Textures can finish the design.

These textures are special order textures and are available through our Licensing with Decoral.

When wood won't cut it. A pattern that will accent your project. 

Special order patterns for any project turn your vision from ordinary to extraordinary.

In addition to the new wood grain and natural stone powder coatings, we are also certified applicators of 70% & 100% fluoropolymer architectural grade coatings

Need an actual swatch, just request one. 

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